Wetland Conservancy Fund

The Wetland Conservancy Fund was put in place to protect the lake and streams through purchases and donations of wetlands throughout our watershed. The Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District is a tax-free organization so your donations are tax deductible. This allows businesses, residences and other organizations the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause.

While the District puts a small contribution into the fund through its user fees, the majority of this fund comes from developer’s contributions through a wetland fee that is set for every lot that is proposed to be developed in the district. Unfortunately the District is reaching full build-out, which means that source of funding is rapidly diminishing and there are areas along Coco Creek, Meadow Brook Creek and Zion Creek that are still in need of protection. To understand why these streams need protection, go to The Wetland Conservancy Program

Taylors bay inlet - protective ownership

Taylor’s Bay Inlet

The District has been instrumental and very successful in obtaining WDNR grants called “Lake Protection grants” these grants have contributed a total of $400,000 to the wetland fund over the past few years. However these major critical acquisitions have diminished the Wetland Conservancy Fund. The critical areas have been acquired and that is a huge success story. Help us continue this success and think about the difference working together can make.

Recently the Pewaukee Lake Waterski Club and Pewaukee Kiwanis have been donating money to this fund. Proceeds from the Clean Water Festival which is supported by many local groups have put the money right back into cleaning up the Pewaukee Lake and its watershed.

The Pewaukee Women’s Club has also been instrumental in supporting the wetland and prairie restoration projects with annual donations.

You too can donate to the Wetland Conservancy Fund by writing a tax deductible check right to “Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District – Wetland Fund”.


You can donate property that is a wetland, prairie, oak savanna or simply in the watershed to Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District and put a value on that property for your tax write-off purposes.

All funds are put right back into projects that help protect, maintain and enhance Pewaukee Lake and its watershed in the effort to improve the water quality in our streams and beautiful lake.

For more information on the Wetland Fund and these wonderful projects and how you can participate, call the Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District at (262) 691-4485