Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve, protect, promote and enhance Pewaukee Lake and its watershed.

Board of Commissioners

  • President: John Ruf, 262-271-8830 (Elected, expires April 2027)
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Barker, 262-212-4222 (Elected, expires April 2029)
  • Secretary: Joseph Boland, 262-894-5085 (Elected, expires April 2025)

Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District Administration Building

Photo by: Doug Hamilton, Huston CO

Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District Staff

  • Manager: Thomas H. Koepp, P.E., LEED AP
  • Clerk: Rita Michaelsen
  • Maintenance Technicians: Cory Mathisen and  Robert O’Neill, Jr.

Lake Management

The District provides lake management services including aquatic plant harvesting and shoreline cleanup for the Town of Delafield and the City of Pewaukee. The City service is provided by contract.

Sanitary Sewer

The District owns and maintains the sanitary sewer around Pewaukee Lake. All effluent from our system is transported by pump stations to the City of Brookfield for treatment. Our service area includes a portion of the City of Pewaukee where the District owns the sewer lines and pump stations. Service to the City area is provided by contract.