Sewer Emergency?

If you’re having a sewer emergency (ie. you have stinky stuff backing up into your basement through your drain), please call us at 262-691-4485.

The District has 24-hour phone service for sewer emergencies. After dialing our office phone number 262.691.4485, you will be directed to the sewer emergency mailbox.

Please leave a message that includes a phone number where you can be reached. After you hang up the information will be automatically forwarded to on-call personal. Your call should be returned in ten minutes or less. This number is for sewer emergencies only after normal business hours.

95% of the sewer emergency calls end up being clogged private laterals which are not the responsibility of the District. It is not fair to the other tax payers to try to use the District to correct a private lateral problem, it just wastes valuable time and money and the District works very hard to keep the sewer user fees as low as possible while providing the best possible service.


If you know you are having problems with your private lateral please call one of the many sewer cleaning services or plumbers in your area. If you are unsure then please contact the District to help you resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Yellow Pages link for Sewer Cleaners