Water Resource Fund

The WATER RESOURCE FUND was put into place as a place to put tax free donations for the education of students throughout the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes. The original program description can be reviewed at THE WATER RESOURCE FUND PROGRAM. The funding has historically been through fundraising activities by the teachers and the students by approaching local businesses. Some of these businesses like Cooper Power have downsized, and with the recent downturn in the economy there have not been any significant donations by local businesses.

Pewaukee 6th Graders on the Pewaukee River

6th graders utilizing problem solving skills to steer boats

Fortunately the Clean Water Festiva’ls success has allowed the Pewaukee Waterski Club and the local Pewaukee Kiwanis to donate to this very important fund. Recently their support allowed the District to replace broken shovels, clippers, rakes and wheel barrows that were severely degraded from years of student’s good hard work restoring the river and its banks.

6th graders remove debris from the river.

Kids restoring river utilizing Teamwork

The existing trailer that “houses” these tools is rotting and in need of replacement. Please help us continue to provide the necessary tools and trailer systems that allow this wonderful program to continue in the safest manner possible. The trailer and educational boards can be seen in the background of the restoration work photo at the old sentry parking lot on the WATER RESOURCE PROGRAM page.

Our motto has been “It all starts with the kids.” Teach them how everything we do in life in some way affects the environment in which we live. Teach this at an early age and it becomes part of their life.

Kids removing invasive species and restoring river banks

Kids removing invasive species and restoring river banks

To donate to this extremely valuable cause, simply write a check to “Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District – Water Resource Fund.” All donations go directly into tools, waders, boots, equipment, mulch for trails, and educational materials for the students’ education.

For more information call the Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District at (262) 691-4485