The Pewaukee Lake Sanitary District commissioned Eco-Resource Consulting in 2007 to prepare a report that identifies and describes aquatic plant management strategies and methods for this urban lake setting. This report:

  • summarizes the history of lake management in Pewaukee Lake,
  • summarizes the physical characteristics of the lake,
  • summarizes the regional setting,
  • discusses shallow lake ecology and the “trophic cascade” concept,
  • describes the aquatic plant community including exotic species,
  • discusses the water quality of the lake,
  • describes aquatic plant community assessment methods,
  • provides an aquatic plant community assessment of Pewaukee Lake,
  • discusses fisheries and aquatic plant management, and
  • provides a summary and recommendation including updates to the aquatic plant management plan found in “A Lake Management Plan for Pewaukee Lake (SEWRPC, 2003)

View the full report here: The Aquatic Plants of Pewaukee Lake: Tracking the Past, Looking to the Future (.pdf format)