yellow weed harvester

The weed harvesters are yellow.

The Harvesters (weed cutters) are Yellow. They are cutting on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Typically “as a rule of thumb” the harvesters do not cut on Fridays so we can focus on cleaning up the cut weeds (the floaters) to prep the lake for the recreational users over the weekend whether you are sailing, fishing, skiing or just on a scenic cruise. Once in a while if it’s too windy for shore clean-up, or we are caught up on cleaning up floaters, we run the harvesters in a calm bay to keep working at removing as many aquatic plants as possible.

Orange shore barge

The shore barges are orange.

The Shore Barge crew works hard.

The Shore Barge crew works hard.

The Shore Barges (weed pick up – floaters and shorelines) are Orange. They are out every weekday, weather permitting, picking up floating weeds and weeds along the shoreline.

Blue transporters

The transporters for the weed pile pickup are blue.

The Transporters are Blue. They are out every weekday weather permitting, and they are used for unloading Harvesters and Shore barges to transport the weeds across the lake. They hook up to the conveyor which loads the weeds into Big Red (the big red dump truck). The Transporters are also heavily utilized in pile pickups on Mondays and Fridays.

All equipment and lake staff are scheduled daily based on weed status and wind directions. The schedules are always subject to weather conditions. Old Mother Nature can shut us down at any time. While we will work in rain and fairly windy conditions, we pull the crews off the lake when the winds get too strong and/or lightning is observed in the area.

Remember if you want your shoreline looking mint for the Holiday weekend (or any weekend), help us, help you, by stacking the weeds in piles for Fridays pile pick up. Remember to stack the weeds where they are accessible for pick up with our large Shore barge or transporters.