LAKE OPERATIONS – The district has successfully acquired a Wisconsin Waterways Commission grant for 2 new harvesters and a trailer. This equipment is going to help increase the amount of invasive Aquatic plants that can be removed from the lake. Removing the material is one way to significantly decrease the amount of nutrients in the lake. We are working extremely hard at continuing to improve efficiencies to ramp up the volumes of plants and nutrient removed from the lake. Even though the records and data may suggest that the growth would be low after a peak, we are actually more prepared than ever for a heavy year. With the new equipment expected to arrive in June, we will be fully staffed and more equipped than ever to battle the milfoil. The district has worked hard all winter maintaining the older equipment and the machines are already prepared to go in the lake and start early in anticipation of a heavy year, if the ice ever goes away.


Our number one priority is to cut 200 feet from the shoreline or any obstruction (piers) so people can get their boats out from their piers and boat lifts and enjoy the lake.

Our second priority is to cut lanes in the heavy matted areas so boats and skiers can get through those areas. Look for these lanes and utilize them to avoid creating more “floaters” with your props. The fewer floaters we have to clean up, the more time we have for cutting. A central lane may be marked with buoys from the village into the City limits on the small lake to allow boaters to move through the main channel that can have a tendency to get heavy with weeds during certain years. This will be discussed with the lake patrol as the year progresses.

Shore clean-up –

Shore clean-up is one of our highest priorities and our biggest challenge. This is the actual picking up of the “floaters” created by all the boat props. It utilizes 3 people per machine and we typically have units out all week Monday through Friday (weather permitting).

Pile Pick up –

Pile pick-ups are on Mondays and Fridays. Stack the weeds on your shoreline and we will remove them (weather permitting). If weather conditions hold us off, we will be back to continue the route as soon as weather permits. Typically we send a transporter in each direction around the lake starting from our lake office. The goal is to get around the whole lake on that Monday and Friday. We appreciate all the people that help participate in the pile pick up program. You are the people making a difference for everyone. The more time we can save picking up “floaters” the more time we have to cut weeds with our harvesters. We understand that this is hard work; we are doing it all week, all summer. There are lots of summer students and neighbors that are willing to help and lawn services that may help you accomplish creating piles. The district is glad to remove them on Mondays and Fridays so help us help you and ultimately increase the removal rates on the lake.