Waukesha County Launch on Pewaukee Lake

Pewaukee Lake Access:

Updated: Tues., April 19, 2022

The Pewaukee Lake Access boat launch and site are being reconstructed. Read more about this project here.

To minimize interruption to lake access the launches will be reconstructed in two phases so that one launch can remain open through the construction process.

Construction will start with on the North ramp as soon as Tues. April 19, 2022. The south ramp of the launch will remain OPEN for public access until North ramp is completed and reopened. Once the North ramp is completed, then, the South ramp will close for reconstruction.

Please note: There may be short periods of time during the project that both launches are temporarily closed for logistical reasons, or transitioning from work on North launch to working on South ramp. Please continue to reference this webpage as we will post updates as possible in advance of any temporary closures.

There are two other launch accesses to Pewaukee Lake, but parking is limited. See locations on the Wisconsin DNR websiteAnnual Lake Access Stickers are also valid to access Nagawicka, Nemahbin, and School Section Lakes.